MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! Introduction town web site.

Misawa, Aomori Prefecture, central downtown shops dot the neighborhood and around the town to introduce the site.

Written in Japanese this website.

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 MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! in advertising and want to recruit from time to time.
 Everyone's lives and business information to help Misawa as a site near the city's management and I hope you like.


 - banner advertising standards and rates for the contract period -

 ● Ad Position Top Page
 ● Size column border 150 × 200 pixel

If you do not know,

please Start Page.

 ● Banner (photo) 150 ×   70 pixel
 ● Text (comment) 60 characters
 ● Banner file format GIF format (animation available)  
 ● File Size To 10KB  
 ● Create banners agency (1) ¥1,050-


 ● Period = 1 cycle (4 weeks) ¥2,100-(How many minutes a month at once payment is acceptable)

 - Create a special page & "Period" and "Price", etc...... -
 ● Page special position Separate window ( "Banner" and "button" from the jump)

 ● Create a special page (if requested only)

  - Configuration (formulaic)-

¥5,250- Sample Pages


FLASH(swf format)

  ※Quantity page Page 1
  ※Page Size 750×700 pixel(画面一杯)
  ※Comment About 100 characters (over)

 ● Update website

  ( "Pictures" and "comments" only)

1 times¥1,050- 〜 ¥2,100-
 ● Period = Forever ¥0-(FREE

"banner" and "comments can be found, if your ad once it is stopped at MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! strictly" control "and" store "that we," I want ads again! " If it will not be charged when the money is, so please rest assured.


website can be found once the application period would not be convenient for your opt-in to continue until it appeared in the worry, please. (* fees in question will occur)


 - The ad asked to complete the flow -

1. ad asked, ”Contact Us” after sending the required application form please.

2. We will submit your banner, so we will send invitations to all matters relating to confirm your request.

3. Banner images ready to send the message and perhaps please.

* If you create your banners were created at MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! is not acting. (Fees 1,050 yen -)

* Seller ready to contact the customer as soon as the HP specified rates on your bank account or direct payment of the training.

* In addition, the HP designated account to transfer payment at the time I'd paid.

* Check your bank as soon as the HP's advertising field, we'll UP.



 - Request to create a special page to complete the flow -

1. Page creation of a special request ”Contact Us” , submitting the required application form please.

2. So we'll sends an invitation to create a special page of the area confirmed by the other.

3. Create a special page is completed and ready as soon as you submit your contact HP to the specified rates on your bank account or direct payment of the training.

* In addition, the HP designated account to transfer payment at the time I'd paid.

* Your payment as soon as the website we will appear.

* The home page "Pick Up" series featured a lot of people at all times.



 - "Advertising" and "create a special page reference" -

"Advertising" and "special page" was created so forth, the following are true: We can not accept you, so please be patient please.


● Address is managed by a non-Misawa you prefer.

● Of a political nature, or relating to the election.

● In violation of the laws.

● "Trademarks" and "copyright" and "patent" and used by permission.

● Obscene acts and expression (adult), child pornography or child abuse images of the sun, or posting of documents sent to the scene. (Sugar matchmaking, pen pal, age restrictions on its site and the destination is the age-limited adult sites, adult DVD affiliates, etc.)

● Junk significantly on third parties (such as defamation, personal information disclosure, etc.)

● Certain individuals and groups accused of an anonymous, such as the aggressive acts (such as defamation, personal information disclosure, etc.)

● If you have any religion.

● Individuals, organizations or issue advertising.


MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! is above the appropriate screening criteria, or if the conflict is "advertising" and "create a special page excluded" and we will.


* In addition, HP you do not have your MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! can be found in a responsible manner possible, but you have your own HP's customers and landing page ad in the event of a problem does not accept any liability for MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! Since the advertiser's responsibility to respond, please do.



 - "Advertising" or create a special page about the "application" and "Contact" -

Circle your application and, more if you want to hear more about how you will feel free to please let me know.


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