MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! Introduction town web site.

Misawa, Aomori Prefecture, central downtown shops dot the neighborhood and around the town to introduce the site.

Written in Japanese this website.

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 Terms of Use


 * This Site


Misawa This site is intended to revitalize as well as residents of Misawa, Japan Misawa to come from people "Misawa shops and other facilities to provide information" and "know someone" Says launched effect.


At present the central town of Misawa Nityoume neighborhood (downtown area), mainly to update the future, the future of Misawa comprehensive information site aims to town.


 * The bulletin board for posting articles and images



MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! and the bulletin board (With Details) following its true contents of documents (inadequate) and decided that if we can write to remove it.


* Writing "defamatory" and "derogatory remark" If there. (Example: death. Killing. Etc.)

   Words like these are included in the board's settings if you can not write like.


* The contents of critical writing.

   "Personal" and "shops" and "house" if they know of anyone else.


* Registered in the City Hall and other executives write.

   Management's like anything you write, if everyone is in it.


* If there is a claim for writing.


* not accept advertising.



【If a violation of the prohibitions】

・Once identified, removed without notice.

Violators of the ban IP addresses and set to write since we will.

・And defamation of individuals to determine if the author's IP address to the public. (Severe punishment disposal)


The city hall is "write" "Prohibition violators," write the reason for the ban "claim" "Contact Us" and our response will not please you, so please be patient.
Also, prohibitions with regard to the amendment to add the item may be appropriate, so please.


Understanding and cooperation How do you do so.


 * Copyrights


This site provides, and this site is all the "image (picture, design)," "image" and "sentences" of copyright, any rights,

BBQ Restaurant SHOGETSUEN (now called MISAWASHI DONDAKE!!) Or other legitimate rights will not be considered.
Therefore this site provided that all information is "unauthorized use" and "permission" to be banned.


But the following are true for you, please contact MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! in advance can be used for some cases.


MISAWAShI DONDAKE!! belongs to the people's legitimate rights.

  * Your works will not be provided.

Non-commercial purposes and for promoting the Misawa.

Even in the commercial media and travel agency "TV" "magazine" "pamphlet," etc...

  * The City Hall belongs to the people's legitimate right to use the consultation on whether you want us.


* In addition, the site can link us because ex ante and ex post is required.


With the use of the copyrighted material's that? Us.


 * Damages


This service is available from the convention site to violate the prohibitions to the damaged MISAWASHI DONDAKE!!,

MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! is that the users must pay damages.

Also, the site will significantly affect the conduct of the MISAWASHI DONDAKE!!, even if you must pay damages.

Rubbish too accused of criminal acts against the civil suit on.


 * Web-page design and acting to stop withdrawal


Home to halt production due to unavoidable circumstances or to cancel the contract if, at that time, we have already produced minutes of work are charged a bon appétit.


 * Disclaimer


MISAWASHI DONDAKE!!'s information, except for some services, provided by free.


MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! to view and use the website to gather information about a user's demand for information relevant to whether the information "save" or "replica" of other users on the usage of any of the legal rights available Whether or not the "rights" and "secrecy" and "libel" and "quality hold" on legislation and other legal obligations, and will be followed at your own risk and bon appétit as possible.


And MISAWAsHI DONDAKE!! is under considerable attention has been created that the placement of "integrity" and "accurate" and that any such guarantee and can not take any responsibility.


The landing site and the information contained or content, you can "direct" and "indirectly" responsible for any loss of so please acknowledge it.
Last use of information can be found in all self-risk please.

The terms and conditions of service for users to continue without the consent may be revised.

Finally, the simple expression for strict "legal jargon" other "jargon" and the content may have different things to please be patient.


 * Supplementary provision


April 11, 2008 revised




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