MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! Introduction town web site.

Misawa, Aomori Prefecture, central downtown shops dot the neighborhood and around the town to introduce the site.

Written in Japanese this website.

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 Misawa Town Info

Recreational Facilities

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* The mouse and photos to put large.




Tel 0176-52-6452

Fax 0176-52-6452

2-3-34 AIM BUIL 1F, Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour Sun to Thu 11:30 to 14:00

14:00 to 00:00

Fri & Sat 17:00 to 03:00

Closed Non-Closed

URL http://tubes.choumusubi.com/



Restaurant & Bar "TUBES" in a surf shop.
Handling is mainly a surfboard maker is "M10" and "BLEAKAWAY" dealing with the problem.
Wet suits are mainly "O'Neill" and "Cyber" in order to handle 60,000 positions from charges.
Surfboard and wet suit and the Order of the service fee once we please stop in to see.




Tel 0176-53-8854

Fax 0176-53-8854

1-1-13, Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour 09:30 to 19:00

Closed Year-end

URL http://www2.ocn.ne.jp/~koiwa/



Base in the town can not only call for the U.S. Department of Defense adopted government-related personal equipment and stationery goods, equipment justified, opened in June 2007.
No customers are satisfied with a lot of exotic things.
U.S. embassy and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Exclusive approval, so you can enjoy peace of mind to make a purchase.
And, imports of confectionery and other countries around the world LTD Misawa reach when we stopped by to look at once please.
Also welcome from staff.



"KONDO" Glass Shop / Gallery "KONDO"   MAP

Tel 0176-53-2704

Fax 0176-53-2709

2-3-26, Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour 10:00 to 18:30

Closed No regular holiday

KONDO Glass Shop URL http://kondoglassframe.web.fc2.com/

Gallery KONDO URL http://gallerykondo.web.fc2.com/ 


[KONDO Glass Shop]

It is a specialty store of the glass and the picture frame.

The repair, the construction of the glass, and the picture frame making of various shape are done by the conscience price, and feel free to stop, please.


[Gallery KONDO]

OPEN did the gallery KONDO.

Various "Exhibition" concerning the art and "Classroom", etc. are held. Moreover, the person who wants to hold the exhibition and the classroom also matches and it receives it.

Please feel free to inquire.


It enters and it is free, and feel free to come by all means, please.


The glass etching classroom and the painting classroom, etc. are done.


The glass etching experience classroom. 1,500 YEN for 2 hours times.

Please see the homepage in detail.




[Head office]

Tel 0176-53-3747

Fax 0176-53-4134

2-3-4, Omachi, Misawa, Aomori

033-0041 JAPAN


[Central Offices]

Tel 0176-53-4170

Fax 0176-52-3131

2-3-23, Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN


Hour 09:00 to 19:00

Closed Sun

URL http://misawa.xxxxxxxx.jp/sanpokudo.html


"Official seal" and "Bank Signs" and "rubber stamp" and "plate" and "nameplate" "laser engraving" "SHACHIHATA products" and "various print" if it's proven reliable and easy to please SANPOKUDO.




Tel 0176-53-3866

FAX 0176-53-3866

3-2-24, Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour 10:30 to 18:30

Closed First Tuesday
The third Tuesday
The second Sunday
The fourth Sunday




Various commodities such as miscellaneous daily goods are collected by full loading of the play sense centering on the commodity for women.

It is an accessory lamp, a special electric bulb, the store specializing in duplicate keys.

I do the handling in Maine, but how will about an interior accessory lamp when a stained glass lamp is in particular rocky and puts lamps in the room one?

Surely I think that an atmosphere improves. I become one article that is pleased with as presents such as celebrations.

Because I do the order as well as the display in the shop, how will about a catalogue book when I look for one article of the favorite while watching it?

If there are an electric bulb and a color lamp, the LED illumination that you look for, please refer willingly.

About the duplicate key, I produce the special dimple (a key superior in the security nature) partly.




Tel 0176-53-2224

IP 050-1113-2863

2-4-38, Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour 10:30 to 19:00

Closed Non-Closed




Various commodities such as miscellaneous daily goods are collected by full loading of the play sense centering on the commodity for women.

The recommendation commodity is aromatic substance "GREEN LEAF (fragrance puff)". from the United States.


It is variously in addition, and stop once, please.




Tel 0176-53-2723

FAX 0176-52-5722

2-4-58, Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour 09:00 to 20:00

Closed Non-Closed




New miscellaneous goods arrives while selling goods of ..good old-fashioned retro.. Akina every day, too.

It wants to hold out aiming at Mr. store happy even if it comes when every day and feel free to come to a store, please.

The staff everyone is waiting.



(LLD)Liquor Store "NAKAI"   MAP

Tel 0176-53-2061

FAX 0176-53-3798

2-4-28, Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour 09:30 to 23:00

Closed 1 month to 1 times

URL During fabrication



Misawa city's only "foreign-grown tobacco and cigars" in order to purchase can shop.
Various "wine" and "sake" and "shochu" and "Cocktails for liquor" and "beer", LTD.
In shipping, and also recovered.
The "draft beer server" "Jug" to free the city and home to an outdoor party?



(LLD)Liquor Store "NAMISUE"   MAP

Tel 0176-53-2413

FAX 0176-53-5255

3-2-20, Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour 10:00 to 00:00

Closed Non-Closed




Misawa's restaurant in the town cheering liquor shop.
Restaurants are in your speedy response to orders delivered.
General home and bring to the banquet hall for drinking and other customer needs and deliver a better state.
The "draft beer server" "Jug" to free the city and home to an outdoor party?




Tel 0176-53-2214

FAX 0176-53-5580

1-1-34, Sakura, Misawa, Aomori

033-0031 JAPAN

Hour 09:00 to 20:00

Closed ?

URL http://nariken.mobi/



Selection of materials and craftsmen to use one of the original one burned "SENBEI burnt hands", mainly in the prefecture of the best "souvenirs" many deals.
Please use please.




Tel 0176-53-5210

FAX 0176-53-7711

2-2-12, Omachi, Misawa, Aomori

033-0041 JAPAN

Hour 09:00 to 19:00

Closed Non-Closed

URL http://www.bbq.co.jp/



Various meats such as meat for YAMAZAKI POLK from Misawa and BBQ are collected.
The grill for large activity and large-scale BBQ is lent by outdoor free of charge.




Bidoru Plaza store   MAP

Tel 0176-52-5019

FAX 0176-52-5019

3-10-1 Misawa  SC Bidoru Plaza, Matsuzono, Misawa, Aomori

033-0037 JAPAN

Hour 10:00 to 20:00

Closed Non-Closed




Misawa is the only "SENDAI COW" dealer.
Of course, also deal with beef Prefecture.
Shipping and pork in the country, "Oirase garlic pork", to treat your family-sized BBQ beef.
If you've got us at the shop, a huge outdoor stage for the BBQ grill and large free.




Tel 0176-54-2203

3-145-331, Mikawame, Misawa, Aomori

033-0142 JAPAN

Hour 06:00 to 19:30

Closed Non-Closed




Founded in 1959 by about Misawa is no stranger to exaggeration to say that is not seasoned professional hormone famous restaurants.
We are selling only go by word of mouth, sweeping away people.
BBQ to Good! Well, that's Motu pot! You've got the hormone that?
It is also our ducks also deal with (prior booking in the market value price).
Also, National Shipping are also available.

[With the price hormone-seasoned]
* 500g = 525 Yen
* 1kg = 1,050 yen




Tel 0176-52-5043


2-4-58, Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour 09:30 to 20:00

Closed Non-Closed




he flower and the pot flower prepare Motiron, the preserved flower, and the flower bowl, Candle, and small articles, etc.

by many, and wait for coming to a store of everybody.



Peach Sound   MAP

Tel 0176-51-6435


3-7-10, Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour 10:00 to 18:00

Closed Non-Closed

URL http://erikos-nail.candypop.jp



It is an a piece of thing which collected various things little by little-centered select shop.
Lady'sware, Lady's shoes, accessories, children's clothes, the bag SAVOY, Lesportsac.
I prepare cloth or the odds and ends of the kimono in vegetables with dressing.
I made the place that was an office Peach Sound with a handicraft formerly.
It is small, but you can see the mom slowly because the kids space prepares.
Please drop in willingly!!



WEB Writer's Site "appleye"


* For personal business, home office.
Crime prevention, such as phone numbers and addresses are listed ahead of all thank you for your understanding for your patience.
Contacting the URL below the "Contact Us".


Closed Non-Closed

URL http://appleye.iinaa.net/



Foster fan zine writing, the site up, Aomori Prefecture, please take care of the writer WEB!

aplleye operations, following a brochure.
* Plain text writing, editing, production
* mobile mail magazine writing, editing, production
* WEB content Writer
* Sales letter writing,
* Plain text e-mail advertising and production for the AA
* Plain text template and mobile mail magazine production


*English and Japanese are available to fix things that we can not speak English is so perfect and can not discuss details.
Therefore, please contact the Japanese only.



Liquor Store "MATSUDAYA"   MAP

Tel 0176-53-3258

FAX 0176-52-4387

2-5-32, Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour 10:00 to 23:00

Fri & Sat 11:00 To 23:00

(Sunday only 22:00 CLOSE)

Closed First and third Sunday

URL http://www.sake-matsudaya.com



Insistence on the "microbrew" "shochu" covered in the main.
PARTY various venues, BBQ venues are also available for delivery. (Misawa city or neighborhood is to deliver free).
* Now, at the end of June to re-open around July for the work.
* The same site to set up temporary shop in business.



Misawa foreign currency exchange center   MAP

Tel :0176-53-2251

2-64-201 , Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour 11:00 to Midnight

Closed Non-Closed

Maximum Capacity 10




Before it travels abroad, it makes a business trip, and it goes to study abroad. Additionally, to payment in the family and U.S. bases overseas. To payment to the friend.
The principal currency like United States Canada Australia, NZ dollar, a South Korea won, a yuan, a Hong Kong dollar, a Singapore dollar, Euro, a British pound, and the dew rouble, etc. is variously taken care of.
Moreover, the delivery exchange is done and call in detail, please.



"La,bien" Misawa Shop   MAP

Tel 0176-52-5083

3-10-1 Misawa  SC Bidoru Plaza, Matsuzono, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour 10:00 to 20:00

Closed Non-Closed




Daily use of things from a Trend of many items available.
Veteran "La, bien-STAFF" you choose to support the shoes!
The Misawa stores, shops Hachinohe, Aomori shops in 13 stores nationwide deployment!
For more information please contact STAFF.
We look forward to our customers.

* NIKE  * K-SWISS  * CONVERSE  * TOPPER  * Indian  * New balance  * Tim berland  * gorilla
* BIRKENSTOCK  * YONEX  * ecco  * X-DIKARU  * ellesse  * H.P.S  Etc.......



Liquor Shop "TAKEYA"   MAP

Tel 0176-53-2345

FAX 0176-53-2346

2-6-26 , Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour 06:00 to 24:00

Closed Non-Closed




Including the "local brew" "sho-chu" "whisky and wine of the world" of all parts of Japan have it widely.

Rare liquor, the value ant of the opinion including the whisky and wine of a stylish bottle!!

And, in the neighbor, the convenience store "Yamazaki shop is open, too".

Please come to the store once by all means.




Tel 0176-53-1067

FAX 0176-52-1067

1-3-7 H33, Horiguchi, Misawa, Aomori

033-0123 JAPAN

Hour 12:00 to 19:00

Closed No regular holiday

URL http://www.yoshi-tattoo.com/



Y'S TATTOO supports the TATTOO life of all of you in the foothold in Misawa-shi.

Please refer for the question about the tattoo, the consultation willingly to Y's TATTOO.

I provide TATTOO in home U.S.A. and a hygiene side and the technique that do not change in the various places of the US base and get trust.


[a hygiene side]

It is a needle, ink, the complete throwaway including the cap.

I cover all disposable protection to the thing which the blood may attach to.

The hygiene management is perfect by sterilization with the medical equipment, the sterilization of the appliance.



[about a reservation]

Y's TATTOO is a complete reservation system.

I do not accept the reservation over the telephone.

I have a visitor come to the store once and become the system having you make reservations after consultation.

Please confirm the details over a telephone.

※The one younger than 18 years is not accepted firmly.



"Harmony miscellaneous goods"


Tel 0176-53-1067

FAX 0176-52-1067

2-4-29, Chuo, Misawa, Aomori

033-0001 JAPAN

Hour Mon to Sat 10:00 to 19:00

Sun 12:00 to 18:00

Closed No regular holiday




Hello, and it is harmony miscellaneous goods and an inside salt. It opened renewedly.

Will you come to heal the mind once because it collects the lovely harmony miscellaneous goods chosen from nationwide various places?

It is the best also for the present for foreigners. We will sincerely wait for coming to a store.


Japanese paper, creation, scorch, capital shop curtain, ornament of season, etc...




三沢市どんだけ〜!! バナー

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Please use the banner please click here.

URL is, http://misawa.xxxxxxxx.jp/, please.

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