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 Misawa Town Info

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 Misawa Summary

 Add: Misawa, AomoriMAP


・Total area 119.97 km2
・Population 43,072 people [ 21,215-man, woman = 21,857 ]
Registered foreign population 352 people
Americans and their families and civilian population About 10,000 people

Misawa residents of the total population About 53,424 peaple [ 2007 examined ]


 Misawa foreign population of about 20 percent of the Misawa is very active in cross-cultural city.

 More if you want to learn more about how you are Misawa City Hall HP "Misawa of the week" please.


  Misawa's famous

 Elaborate and enormous amount will be easy to explain.

 Now take me to places and events in order to learn more about it if you want the search to find a lot to do.


MISAWA AIR BASE (publisher: U.S. Air Force)  MAP


Misawa base in Japan only, the private sector (mainly for use in Misawa Airport) and Air Self-Defense, the U.S. Air Force will use the airfield 3 (Runway) have a base.


Area at about 2350 ha (hectares) of about 23500000 square meters = The dome and replace about 503 minutes each.

1 pyong (two tatami) to replace, about the size of 7110439 square meters.


Misawa base and making it easy to start the 1941 war broke out in the famous World War II era.

Ran Yone in English at the same time to declare war on the former Japanese Imperial Japanese Army was established as a naval air station, is located in Misawa naval air squadron At the beginning it has been.


Every year in early September to be held at Misawa Air Base, many from outside the prefecture supported by the people has been looking forward to.




Aomori Prefecture, eastern Aomori Prefecture, the area is the largest.

The deepest level of 25 m to 200 m from the shore to reach the extent of the shallow depth of about 2 m in part by the formation.

Sea level is higher than lake water levels were back to sea to sea Segawa Takashi mineral flows into a lake in Lake Ogawara "Bing-u" "salangidae" "tallow" "blues (Yamato blues)," to grow.

And someone from the rich marine resources, aka: "TAKARA NUMA(Treasures swamp)" and also called.


The Lake Ogawara and groups around the lake is rich in a variety of natural biological systems remain a country which is more important wetland, which are a designated location.


Among the most famous is "registered in 2006 Ramsar Convention on Wetlands" and "French marshes."


Of farmland as a national development strategy in the transformation of the wetland birds of paradise and transition.


"OOSEKKA extinction of species"-infested swamp into a natural setting.


Lake Ogawara, "Aoimori Canoe Festival (held in Lake Ogawara National Canoe Marathon)" and "Lake Ogawara Lakes Festival (and many citizens attended the event, open marsh Miss Lake Ogawara participation and bingo tournaments and stand Side) "of the events.


And the summer season to become citizens and many people are coming from the area "to blur fishing" or "water jet" "BBQ" "Camp" and enjoy a place of peace as well.




The eastern part of Aomori Prefecture.

East Lake Ogawara.

The Pacific coast is located along the national highway number 338.

Continued straight through the pine forests of coastal beaches.


Sabishiro here nonstop flight across the Pacific Coast is the starting point and place in the "Miss Weedle number memorial plaza" square.


Showa early 1931 (1931), two American astronauts carrying Sabishiro coast to the departure of Miss Weedle number, 41 hours and 10 minutes flight to Washington state UENATCHI safely landed in the city.

Misawa cooperation with the inhabitants of the world's first nonstop flight across the Pacific to succeed.

To commemorate the "monument to fly nonstop across the Pacific" and "Miss Weedle number of full-size model" has been established.


And right next to set up the "height of 10 m away with a 360-degree panorama observatory" to the views of the "earth is round I ~…" and me.

*Sabishiro Beach is the place for swimming because of the absolute ban SWIMMING, please.


Shuji Terayama MEMORIAL HALL



Shuji Terayama (1935 year on Dec. 10 to May 4, 1983)

Hebei General Hospital (Tokyo),sepsis and death.

He was 49 (47-year-old Mother Earth)


"Playwright" and "poet" and "poet" and "novelist" "movie director" and "horse-racing pundit" People really wide range of fields.


Shuji Terayama Memorial Hall and also exhibited in the name of the famous Shuji Terayama and Tanka of the final words seem to have found one sentence, so I'd like to introduce.






 Before the sea do not know the girl

 I was barley straw hat with outstretched hands.





 Tobacco smelliest school teacher says

 when the word is the most sad tomorrow.





 Match to slip fragile ocean mist blowing

 away one's homeland is to throw away.




 Reach the end:

 "Grave miles?" Excerpts from the

 I will die of cirrhosis of the liver.

 As it is clear.

 But I say that the tomb was built not want to.

 My word is my grave if enough.






 Misawa, Aomori Aviation Science Museum, the airline has been developed as a town in Aomori Prefecture in aviation history is really the role of public information widely across the country, the Misawa base in Misawa, Aomori Prefecture, by August 8, 2003 Has been established.


Local prefecture used in the past, "the first airliner" and "fighter" and said the flight made history is built up from the current model has been floating and flying a lot.


And adults and children can enjoy "human beings are flying in the sky like" a desire to challenge the current science and nature, which has been the science of flight experience and challenge, and study facilities.




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