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Misawa, Aomori Prefecture, central downtown shops dot the neighborhood and around the town to introduce the site.

Written in Japanese this website.

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 Privacy Policy

  * MISAWASHI DONDAKE!!'s handling of personal information policy (Privacy Policy)

MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! is a business management, or in his charge (since the customer) on our home page to your shop to put it when we agree, we ask, "Name Address Telephone charges, the company name or home page URL e-mail address photos "give personal information to register to speak.

The MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! a few people contact "Name Address e-mail address phone number" are also registered.

MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! in those handling personal information in accordance with the following policies with giving a thorough management.

Your personal information is registered "BBQ Restaurant SHOGETSEN" is centrally managed.


  ・Definition of Personal Information

Personally is personal information that can identify the "Name" and "Sex" and "address" and "Date of Birth," "Phone" and "E-mail" and other individuals who can identify the "overall numbers" to identify individuals and Can be associated with the "charges" and "company" information it says.


・Collection of personal data


This information is provided by MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! to join the various online services on offer when you speak from the registration and control of MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! with bon appétit.
* In addition, we provide false information to stop the service if we will.
MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! and the deal after the initiation of collecting and managing information with bon appétit.
Also, when the next survey is conducted by the response we will also collect management.

  Use of personal information

Some of these information ( "Lounge" or "company" and "address" "Phone" and "Home URL" "Pictures") is the MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! website, "Kassem shops Online Education", or "your company" information, referrals For the purpose of limited use.
But in his copyright for "commercial purposes, even if the travel agency, media and TV, magazines, pamphlets and other regions" of cases, those firms from City Hall to inform us if there is TOGO For confirmation, please contact your principal.

  Disclosure of personal information to third parties and providing

MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! is your personal information provided to third parties unless the disabled.


* Before we have your consent.
* Based on laws.
* "Human life" and "body", or "asset protection", if needed.
* Public health or healthy development for children, especially if you need.
* "Country" and "local public organizations," If you need to cooperate.


Above personal information to third parties unless "disclosure" and "offer" if the advance notice to that effect.
If your personal information to third parties is "disclosure" and "offer" is rejected.

  Information about personal safety

Your personal information is strictly based on meticulous attention to "keep" and "management" as well.

  Personal information about the revised policy

MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! is the handling of personal information about your plans for No worry, like always working to improve the world, so this will be revised.
At this point, the revised privacy policy is applicable.

  Disclosure of personal information, and "Adding" and "correction" and "Delete"

Register at MISAWASHI DONDAKE!! to share with us the "personal information" and "correction" and "Delete" will apply the provisions set out by our side.


* "Personal information" and "correction", "Delete" and the application of the above personal information "disclosed to third parties" and "providers", said "Your personal information to third parties provided the following Unless you do not. "Non-policy only if the person directly and only accepted applications only.
* Regarding disclosure of information, in writing, by hand only.
* Correct information at the 1 to 2 days before correction.
* Remove and cancel the membership process to be completed, executed the next day.

  The handling of personal information, please contact us at

Contact Us

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